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Your first product launch in the US - What's Next?

We provide in-depth expertise and tailored tools & processes to help US-based Biotech companies success-fully expand into Europe.

We support you BEFORE you make the decisions re. European entry strategy and the optimal operational business model.
Important: we provide independent advice without financial interest regarding selected expansion strategy and implementation.
Market Access in Europe: too risky & complicated?

"More than 40 different countries, each one has different rules and willingness to pay for pharmaceutical innovations is low".

There are many sticky prejudices re. Market Access in Europe - but many of them are wrong.
The European Market: attractive enough?

Yes, Europe has over 40 countries (with 745 mln inhabitants), but 80% of its market potential is concentrated in about 15 countries only.

Innovative operational business models, rigorous commercial analyses and country-portfolio assessments allow for competitive and cost-efficient Go-to-Market models -even for small companies.
What is the best Strategy for Europe?

First of all - there is no right or wrong.

Entering the European pharmaceutical market is per se NOT complicated - but it requires complex analyses, based on deep market insights.

We know the European pharmaceutical market from decades of own job experience in various countries - not from textbooks or review articles.
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