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Our services cover all relevant categories for entry into the European pharmaceutical market

From Strategy
Phase 1: In the first phase of our assignment, we run a 2-month Red Flag / Feasibilty analysis, making sure any red flags, road blocks or risks for entering the European market are identified.

Phase-2: if Phase 1 is cleared, we run in-depth analyses of all relevant aspects of a European entry, leading to defined applicable Strategies like Market Access, Medical, Commercial, PnL & ROI Optimization, Business Model, Organizational Set-up, Business Development, Out-sourcing, Partnering, Supply Chain.
... to Planning
Phase 3a: After the first 2 intermediate milestone decisions (Phase 1, Phase 2), we move forward with your team to work out all necessary Operational Plans, aligned with your European Entry Strategy.

Aligned with your Entry Strategy, these detailed Operational Plans enable you to lead & guide the implementation of your (sequenced) European market entry for the countries identified & selected or to execute a chosen Partnering- or Out-licensing Strategy.
... to Execution
Phase 3b:
Executing your
Market Access Strategy:

Our expert team can produce the European Master Value Dossier, Epidemiological Patient Flow Model, Budget Impact Model and Process Cost Model, allowing you to come forward with the necessary information and Real World Evidence towards European Payers.

Executing your
Out-/In-licensing Strategy:

If chosen, we run the Project Management Office, Due Diligence Process and all necessary commercial & financial evaluations. Such assignment would come with a "No Cure - No Pay" honorarium model. 
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Examples for Analysis and Execution
Evaluating Strategic Options and Competitive Value Fields for Europe:
Chosing between different Strategic Options for entering the European market and identifying the relevant competitive Value Fields requires complex analysis of markets, healthcare systems, commercial forecasts, P&L-scenarios and funding requirements.

We provide the necessary expertise and proprietary tools to guide your leadership team through the decision-making process, leading to the optimal strategy for the European market.
Developing Market Access Strategy & producing Real World Evidence:
Due to our partnership (Nautilus Life Science & HEMAP AG) we can leverage our in-depth expertise of Medical & Business Consulting and Health Economics & Market Access Consulting.

By using our proprietary Epidemiology-, Patient Flow-, Budget Impact- & Process Cost Models, we can produce the necessary Real World Evidence for your Product and a strong European Market Access Program.
In-depth Commercial & Financial Analyses:
If entering the European market, it's about turning your fascinating Science into Return-on-Investment.

Our proprietary Forecast-, P&L- and Portfolio models allow to analyse a wide range of investment- or out-licensing scenarios for any given country portfolio.

In-depth market analytics provide you with deep insights into market-, customer- and patient segmentation for all relevant countries, allowing to identify the optimal business model and Go-to-market approach.
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