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"We became a commercial-stage Biotech company
and launched our first product in the US - should we enter the European market, and if yes, how?"

Based on decades of own hands-on job experience and numerous consulting projects with Biotech- and Pharma companies in the European market, we have developed The Bridge, an integrated concept to help you navigating the complexity of decison-making and execution of a European market entry.

Ph-1 & 2, Strategy:

Making the right Strategic Choice

Based on extensive in-depth analyses and reviews with your leadership team, The Bridge provides you with European Strategies, specific for all relevant Competitive Value Fields. 

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Ph-3a, Operational Planning:

How to enter the European market

The Bridge concept results in the production of detailed Operational Plans, addressing all required functional areas for a competitive implementation of your European business model (incl. potential Out-licensing).

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Ph-3b, Executing:

Market Entry & Market Access

Depending on your European Strategy and Operational Plans, our experts provide you with tools and RWE-models & -data to support your Market Access Program, to prepare for your discussions with reimbursement authorities and to lead a competitive & profitable execution of your business set-up in your target countries.

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The Bridge: Tools & Processes

In addition to our hands-on European market experience, we have developed over the past years a broad array of tools & processes which allow to guide your leadership team to navigate the complex decision-making process towards your European strategy and go-to-market approach.

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